Worlds qualifiers

As you may already know, the first ever Roundnet World Championship is taking place in Belgium this year. Every country will send a National Squad that consists of 5 men’s teams, 3 women’s teams and 1 mixed team. As such, we are organizing a qualifier to determine who among Belgium’s finest will represent our country at World’s. If you think you are a top player/promising up-and-comer and you are willing to dedicate yourself to a season filled with competition and training, join us at the qualifiers to show us what you’re made of!

Disclaimer: The qualifier is not a regular tournament, we only expect players with serious ambitions to participate. We want the fairest possible selection procedure and too many participants could make this difficult. If you are unsure on whether to participate or not, fill in the questions on the form and we will fill the limited amount of slots based on the amount of entries and the answers to the questions. This is a safety measure, we will not exclude anyone if the amount of participants remains at or below 16.

If you are interested, please fill in the form before February 20th 2022.

Men’s form
Women’s form