mission and vision

Our mission is to drive the development of roundnet in Belgium and Europe.
We strive to create a sports framework for recreative and professional purposes.
We are a non-profit organisation that is a proud member of the EUSRA and recognised by the SRA.

Meet the team

Fre Eskens

  • Belgian National Champion '18
  • Head of the organisation
  • Head of Worlds 2021
  • Main contact with Spikeball
  • Responsible for social media
✉ fre.eskens@roundnetbelgium.be

Wout Geeraerts

  • Belgian National Champion '19
  • Co-head of the organisation
  • Responsible for initiations and renting
  • Member of the EUSRA
✉ wout.geeraerts@roundnetbelgium.be

Willem Bardyn

  • Defending National Champion '20
  • Champion of the Winter League '19-'20
  • Responsible for sports federation branch
  • Responsible for the website
✉ willem.bardyn@roundnetbelgium.be

Nathan Peeters

  • Belgian National Champion '19
  • Responsible for sales and stock
  • Responsible for finance
✉ nathan.peeters@roundnetbelgium.be

Kobe Seresia

  • Business liaison
  • Member of the EUSRA
✉ kobe.seresia@roundnetbelgium.be

Gijs Vetters

  • Responsible for finance
✉ gijs.vetters@roundnetbelgium.be

Frederik Theunis

  • Two time bronze medalist in the Belgian National Championship '18 & '19
  • Responsible for initiations and trainings
✉ frederik.theunis@roundnetbelgium.be

Pieter Meyers

  • Belgian National Champion '18
✉ pieter.meyers@roundnetbelgium.be