Mission & vision

Our mission is to drive the development of roundnet in Belgium and Europe.
We strive to create a sports framework for recreative and professional purposes.
We are a non-profit organisation that is a proud member of the EURA and recognised by the IRF.

Contact us at info@roundnetbelgium.be

Meet the team

Fre Eskens

  • Head of Organisation
  • Head of Worlds 2022
✉ fre.eskens@roundnetbelgium.be

Amy Campbell

  • Head of Sales & Finance
✉ amy.campbell@roundnetbelgium.be

Willem Bardyn

  • Head of Sports Development
✉ willem.bardyn@roundnetbelgium.be

Frederik Theunis

  • Head of Learning
✉ frederik.theunis@roundnetbelgium.be

Yosha Vandaele

  • Head of Belgium's national team
✉ yosha.vandaele@roundnetbelgium.be

Jonas Jacquemijns

  • Head of Community
✉ jonas.jacquemijns@roundnetbelgium.be

Wout Geeraerts

  • Head of Events
✉ wout.geeraerts@roundnetbelgium.be