Open Power Ranking 2021

The first official competition of roundnet in Belgium.


The season ranges from April to August 2021. We hope to publish the calendar by the end of March.

Open Ranking

On every sactioned tournament players can earn points

Elite Qualification

Climb your way to the top to enter the elite division for the Belgian Championships

Creating History

With the Open Power Ranking, Roundnet Belgium introduces the first official ranking of roundnet in Belgium. This ranking is a milestone for the development of the sport and will push roundnet in Belgium to a higher level.

This ranking will be the start of competitive roundnet in Belgium.

For who?

Everybody that participates in a sactioned tournament will be included in the ranking.


The season ranges from the start of April until the end of August 2021. The start can change according to the COVID situation in Belgium.


The competition is an individual ranking. Therefore, it is possible to team up with different partners.

On every sactioned tournament, you will be able to earn points. The amount of points you can earn at an event are dependent on three aspects: The teams final rank in the tournament; the amount of teams participating in the tournament and the level of the teams participating in the tournament.

International teams can participate in the ranking.


You can earn point on every tournament that is in contact with Roundnet Belgium (if you want to organise a tournament just mail us). The amount of points that you can earn is dependend on the size (number of participating teams) of the tournament. The point matrix is shown at the bottom of this page.

There are two types of rankings: an individual ranking and a team ranking.  Both will use the same score matrix and both have their own prices. Your team is only eligible if it has participated in at least 3 tournaments across the season.

There will be 4 Pro Masters where the stakes are higher and more points can be won. These events are the most important tournaments of the season.

International teams can participate in the competition.

Elite qualification for the Belgian Championships 2021

In 2021, the Belgian Championships will apply a new format based on the Open Power Ranking: the championships men’s division will consist of two seperate divisions: an open division and an elite division. For the qualification of the elite division your team must get an invitation from Roundnet Belgium. The teams that did not qualify can compete in the Open Division of the Championships.

Important! The qualification for and the seeding of the Elite Division is based on the inividual ranking of the Open Power Division.  The total score of the team is equal to the sum of the players individual points divided by two. 

Note: these rules can change until the start of the season in April 2021.