Roundnet Belgium


  • Insurance – As a member, you’ll be insured all year for every roundnet event. Regardless if it’s a tournaments, training, pick-up game or casual session, we’ve got you covered.
  • Ranking – All members will be included in the Open Power Ranking. This is the official individiual ranking of Belgian roundnet players.
  • Discounts – For all Roundnet Belgium sanctioned events, members will pay less registration fee than non-members. After a couple of tournaments, it’s even cheaper to become a member than to pay for the increased tournament registration fee each time!


Join a club

The best way to become a member is to join a club in your area! Joining one of the following clubs automatically makes you a Roundnet Belgium member. The price is included in the membership fee of the club. Besides the advantages listed above, each club has their own extra perks of joining like shirts, trainings and much more! Clicking on the club logo will take you to the club’s member registration, have a look!

Roundnet Gent
Roundnet Leuven
Roundnet Brugge
Roundnet Mechelen
Roundnet Meetjesland
Roundnet Seals Oostende
Brussels Foxes Roundnet Club

Become a seperate member

If you’re unable to join a club, you can still become a seperate Roundnet Belgium member. The price for one season is € 7. You can register to become a seperate member here.


Becoming a member means having access to these perks for one season. The roundnet season always starts October 1st and lasts until September 30th of the next year.

For our insurance, we are working together with Sportievak! Aside from a year round insurance for all members, this gives us:

  • The best price to offer our members
  • An easy administration process for our clubs
  • Flexible enrollment at any point in the season
  • An opportunity to have a database of roundnet players
  • A insurance plan in accordance with the laws on sports and volunteers