Worlds Squad Selection

We are excited to announce that the World Championships will be held in London, Great Britain, on august 29th till september 1st. Our national squad will consist of 5 Women’s Teams and 5 Men’s Teams, who will compete against other squads from various countries.


To select the teams that will represent Belgium, Roundnet Belgium will assemble a jury. This jury will evaluate the interested players and determine the final squads. It is important to note that the national ranking will have the biggest influence on the jury’s decision. Therefore, your performance in the upcoming tournaments until May the 12th (after ETS Leuven) will play a significant role in the selection process.


Roundnet Belgium will also organise skill days in March and April for all interested players. There the jury can actively make combinations and match-ups to further gather information.


To represent the Belgian squad, you need to meet following criteria: 

– Belgian nationality, be a permanent resident of Belgium or hold an immigrant visa for Belgium

– Attendance on training days (before and after selection)

– Respecting the deadline of subscription (29/02/24)


We kindly request all interested players to fill out this form to express their desire to be part of the national squad. By providing us with this information, you will become part of the pool of potential squad members. Additionally, we will also form a separate jury group comprising individuals who are not competing for spots on the team. This diverse group will help ensure fair and impartial selection.

In this form, we would like to understand your ambitions and aspirations regarding the squad. Please take a few moments to complete the form, indicating your interest!


We look forward to receiving your responses until 29/02/24 and witnessing the talent and passion within our community.


Players form
Jury’s form