Roundnet in Belgium: a young history with a big future

The sport that you might know as spikeball or roundnet, has been spotted on the Belgian fields since 2014. Back then the sport was mostly known as Trivolle. 

Roundnet was introduced in Belgium through Ultimate Frisbee, another great american sport. It gained popularity and quickly the first tournament popped up: “De Gouden Carolus Trivolle Cup”. This event returned annually and can be seen as the predecessor of the Belgian Championships.

Not only was there a rise of popularity in Belgium, but in the whole continent of Europe. In the year 2017 an ambitious young student named Kobe Seresia had the idea to gather all the European communities for the first time to share their love for the sport. And so they did: three months later the first European Championships took place in Belgium to compete for the first ever title of champions of Europe. Eleven countries participated in this milestone event. The event was won by a team that is still one of the top teams in Europe to this day: Optic Boom (Germany).

International friendships were made. But also in Belgium people founded each other through their love for the game. Eight young Belgian players that go by the names Fre Eskens, Wout Geeraerts, Pieter Meyers, Nathan Peeters, Gijs Vetters,  Willem Schoeters, Frederik Theunis and Kobe Seresia founded Roundnet Belgium.

An enthousiastic team began their journey of getting roundnet to the big stage in Belgium: hosting tournaments, giving initiations, bringing roundnet to popular events, these were all successful events organised by Roundnet Belgium. Apart from the Belgian scene, the European community developed as well: in 2019, an ambitious Roundnet Belgium hosted the first ever European Grand Slam (part of a three fold series across Europe) in Pelt, Belgium.  We are proud to say that, to this day, this event is the largest tournament when it comes to international importance, with a record of sixteen participating countries.

End 2019 we received the big news of co-hosting the first World Championships with Spikeball. This will take place in the fall of 2021 and we are doing everything to make this event unforgettable for every single player out there.

To this day, we are building the pillars of the sport in Belgium. After the success of the first Winter League in 2019-2020, we plan to develop the competitive scene even more with a second winter league and a first official rankings system in 2021, called the Pro Open Ranking. We can look back with great proudness of our accomplishments, but the journey has just begun…