Get started

Starting an official rB club

For who?

For anyone who is passionate about roundnet and who want’s to be part of the the Belgian community. You are free to choose the engagement of the club: some friends who want to compete under the same club, people who want to put their city/village on the roundnet map, becoming the best club in Belgium; the choice is completely yours! There are some minor obligations that a roundnet club has towards the national community.

How does it work?

Once you have decided to form a roundnet club, you fill in the form and we will contact you soon after. After application, your club becomes a member-candidate and you receive a checklist that needs to be completed. After the checklist is completed, your club becomes a full member of the Belgian community. You can find the stages in more detail below.

Stage 1: member-candidate


Club Name & Logo

The choice is yours! Create a name and logo that fits your clubs personality


An online page where people can contact your club. A Facebook page is sufficient.

Contact person

This person will be the main contact person between the federation and the club. 

Benefits (after application)


You can buy up te 6 Spikeball (pro or regular) sets with a discount of 25%. 

Community access

Your club has the support of the community. If you need help, the clubs and federation are there to guide you.

Stage 2: full member


Online meeting

After application, your club will get an invitation for an online meeting with the federation. This meeting wil serve as a first acquaintance. Here, you will briefly discuss the club’s management plan (events, training, …) for the upcoming year.

Insurance RB

At least 4 people of your club are insured with Roundnet Belgium. Your club will be registered with the insurance company.

Tournament ready

Your club has planned a roundnet tournament for the upcoming year. It is mandatory for a club to organise at least one tournament each year.


Name Recognition

Your club name and logo will be visible on our website and social media. Your events will be promoted by the federation.

Spikeball Pro Set

Your club will receive one Spikeball pro set totally free! 

Democratic Vote

Your club has one vote at the general assembley for clubs if a decision needs to made. 

Coaching & Observing

We will make sure your club can grow with the latest techniques, guidelines and rules regarding the game.