Roundnet? Spikeball?

Roundnet, often referred to as Spikeball, is a ballsport that’s mostly inspired by volleyball. The sport is played 2 versus 2 and the main goal is to get the ball on the net in 3 touches and make sure the other team can’t! Below you’ll find a short introduction video.

Roundnet Worlds 2020

UPDATE: We’ve made the difficult decision to postpone the World Championship until September of 2021. Although all of us at Spikeball, Park Molenheide and Roundnet Belgium were looking forward to this event, our priority is that everyone would be able to join this event and that we can create the tournament that we envisioned. We believe this isn’t possible in the current global situation, which means the event will happen at the same location in 2021. More info on the SRA/European Roundnet Community Facebook groups. Hope to see you soon!

On 3-6 september 2020 the World Championship will come to Belgium! We’re joining forces with Spikeball to make this event unforgettable. The 2020 World Championship will be an event that pushes the development of the sport forward and provides an opportunity for players all over the world to come together, collaborate, and create a shared vision for the future. This is more than a tournament. It is a chance to take our collective passion for roundnet and focus it on audacious goals.

You can find more information on the SRA website.


Are you trying to find Belgian tournaments? There are tons of tournaments and initiations being organized all over Belgium! You can find a list of tournaments here. To find meet-ups in your neighbourhood, be sure to also check out the Spikeball app. Finally, the EUSRA-website also contains a calendar of all European tournaments.

We also share all events on our Facebook-page, so that’s another way to check out the latest events!

Buying sets

Thanks to our partnership with Spikeball™ we can sell sets at great prices! We sell the following:

Regular set

Regular set

Pro set

Pro set

Pro balls

Pro balls

You might be wondering what the difference is between a regular set and a pro set? You can find the explanation in this video!

Did you know? All Spikeball sets have a lifetime guarantee. This means that anytime any part of your sets breaks, Spikeball sends you replacement parts for free!

If you’re interested in buying sets you can contact us at

Renting sets

You can also rent sets with us! Perfect for organising a tournament, an initiation or just to try it out!

Except renting regular sets and pro sets, we also rent other equipment like pro balls. Feel free to contact us to see what the possibilities are!

For more information and pricing, you can contact us at

Who are we?

We are Roundnet Belgium and we’re passionate about everything Spikeball and roundnet related in Belgium and beyond. Our goal is to promote the sport as much as possible and to introduce people to this great game. We do this by organising and supporting tournaments, giving initiations and lots more!

On top of that we are founding members of the EUSRA, the overarching organisation for all roundnet related stuff in Europe. We’re also an SRA recognized organization and we work closely together with Spikeball™ to represent the sport as best as we can!

For any questions, suggestions, no matter what: don’t hesitate to contact us at!