2021 ruleset in Belgium

During the 2021 roundnet season we will use the SRA rules in their entirety in Belgium. This means that all rules (No Hit Zone included) will apply to all players.
The later added lip rule (also known as the shoulder height rule) will not be implemented.
The only change that we will make is to change the distances mentioned in the SRA rules from imperial (feet) to metric (meters). We’ve also rounded them a bit to make them easier to measure and remember (see graphic). This means:
  • Serve line: 2,60 m from the center (2,14 m from the rim)
  • No Hit Zone: 0,90 m from the center (0,44 m from the rim)

These are the rules that we will be implementing in all Roundnet Belgium sanctioned events. This means that all events that count towards the Open Power Ranking and the Belgian National Championship will use these rules. Independant tournament organizers are of course free to use whatever ruleset they like.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at info@roundnetbelgium.be!

For those who are interested, here are the results of the player survey we conducted about the new rules: